ZArchiver Apk Download For Android Devices For Free 2022

ZArchiver is a free file management app for Android that was designed to work just like an equivalent desktop app. Using it, you can compress/ decompress files and manage your files in general.


ZArchiver Features

ZArchiver is used to open and create compressed files, such as ZIP or RAR. These are functions that come with other programs like 7Zip on a Windows PC. It can do the same thing you’d find in ailing desktop software. The interface of the app enables quick and simple management of your files.


ZArchiver is a rather basic program with a simplistic design which might not look as appealing to some. However, this isn’t necessarily a downside, since it’s mainly meant for extraction tasks and doesn’t pretend to be overly complex. ZArchiver also seems to have some small bugs that need fixing.

When overwriting a file and the new file is smaller than the old one, there will be empty code at the end of the file. This corrupted data makes the file completely inoperable and it will not be recognized by most applications. Use caution when editing.


Beyond competing with file managers on the desktop, ZArchiver must also compete with copy and file management apps in Android. RAR by RARLAB and the File Manager app from Xiaomi both compete with ZArchiver. The three apps are virtually identical in purpose, use and capability. For example, WinRAR is another app you should try for Windows.

RAR makes it possible to manage RAR, ZIP, TAR GZ, BZ2 and XZ archives. On the surface level it looks similar to ZArchiver but there are some important differences. File Manager is different because you can use files from your phone.

File management is an important task for every computer user, and File Manager app offers a wide range of features for file browsing. It can’t open archive files (only RAR files and ZIP files), but in return it ensures you have your data sorted out with a fun interface.

Our take

This is an efficient tool to create and extract compressed files. It might not provide the clearest file usage, but it gets the job done in a pinch. Overall, this app is worth downloading on any device!

Should you download it?

Yes, ZArchiver is an app that can pack files and make them easier to store. It’s easy to use, fast, and robust.