Philo – On Demand TV

Most of us around the globe depend on ways of bringing relaxation to cool off our minds and bodies. Each day bring new challenges for people in all walks of life and professions. Added to this with the outbreak of Covid around the world lives have become even more stressful. In attending to daily work and personal chores, extreme safety precautions have to be taken and followed as individuals and society to ward off the deadly Covid. After a busy day people need to find that much needed break to fit into whatever time is left. As TV serves this purpose so well no surprise that it has become everyone’s favourite. To give more added value to TV is an App to be installed in a smartphone or any other personal device. Philo: live and on – demand tv app it is. Here are some details of this special App,

Features of Philo

On demand – gives the freedom to watch videos at times suitable to them as against having to watch live. When live one may not be in a position to watch due to some reason. This is bound to cause disappointment of having to miss out on something of interest to the viewer. Keep away such disappointments with the Live and On Demand feature.

Live – With 60 + channels been available live one cannot ask or expect more with such a wide option of channels.

Recording – with unlimited recording Philo App will make sure no program of interest will be missed by their customers.

Library – will carry the most popular and demanding videos.

Channels – Nothing but the very best for you. 63 channels are offered. Here’s some of them, BBC World News, American Heroes Channel, Aspire TV, Animal Planet, AXS TV, BBC, America, AMC, A&E, Oprah Winfrey, Nickelodeon, Discovery, History, Investigation Channel, Food Network, and more. Give up looking for anything else as with all these channels it is assured from the Best of News to Movies, Shows and Documentaries are well covered.                  

Unlimited DVR – Record what is currently been featured or scheduled to be. PHILO will make such recordings to be saved and watched for 1 year.

What’s wonderful about Philo App is that it makes possible for users to schedule their favourites to be watched at the most convenient times suitable to them. With 60,000+ hours of on demand videos, movies and shows Philo customers are guaranteed of the best customer care. Get lost in the midst of the very best of what a TV App could offer. Life was never better than this. Make it same for your family and friends who will gather around you to watch. With company have fun and you’ll surely find that ideal relaxation to make a fresh start to your day.

How to install free Live TV App on Android TV?

There are many Live TV apps for Android TV and Fire TV. But, most of those apps are not available on your default app store. You have to use third-party TV app stores like AppLinked, Aptoide TV or FileSynced in order to access those free Live Tv apps.

First download and install AppLinked or FileSynced on your TV. For that you can use Downloader or Puffin Web Browser. Next find Tv codes to access stores available on AppLinked or FileSynced. You will see many free TV apps on those stores.