Surveys carried out points out photography falls within the top range alongside communication. The two widely used devices that serves these two areas are the camera and smartphone. This is the reason that continuous innovations with technological advancement continues in these two industries. With a camera been able to be installed in smartphone photography has become even more popular increasing its usage.

Just hop outside for a few minutes and one would notice many instances at various places the clicking of the smartphone to capture those images, making all to wonder if the world of photography existed before the camera found its way to the smartphone. Years ago, to make captures planning had to be done. Specially because the camera was a stand-alone device resulting in one having to carry it separately. With the camera in a smartphone anytime, anywhere capture of images is a casual option in today’s world. Also, then photography was expensive as a price of a camera was high, thereby to own a camera was quite exclusive. This isn’t the case today. And now without further ado here’s introducing an intriguing smartphone camera App which will bring the world of photography within easy reach. It is the Cameringo + Filters Camera App.

What is Cameringo?

Been a pro, this App’s sophisticated features yet friendly and easy to use is in its own class unmatched by any other. With the all-powerful interfacing the captured images will come out without the slightest quality issues. It offers some unique effects. Through Lomo technology makes image edges to look slightly distorted maintaining the images centre looking sharp. Capturing an image with vintage effects will enable to capture images and shed nostalgia to them.

Ideal for wedding photos, to capture ancient buildings and scenery or whatever to express sentimentality. Both the lomo and vintage effects will make the images artistic and in a class of its own. The Cameringo fisheye lens technology will make certain all objects even if they are at 180 degrees will appear in the image captured. 300 + live filters that are offered have been designed by considering the popularity of demand by the users of cameras. These filters are customized to best suit all users of the App. HDR technology makes all of the images to come out crystal clear.

The popular and important video options are included in the App. Live filters, Slow motion and fast motion are some of the features offered on video. Photography has never been so cool, exciting, and enjoyable as with the Cameringo filters camera App installed in one’s smartphone. So why stay hibernated? Start enjoying what has been missed out so far. Get the Cameringo to your smartphone and come alive to the cool and amazing world of photography.

There many other cool Android camera apps like B612, HD Camera, YouCam Perfect and more. You can try those camera apps for free too.

Install Cameringo on Android TV

Easily capture fisheye photos without using a fisheye lens. You have to use third-party TV app store like FileSynced to install Cameringo on your TV Box. First download and install FileSynced apk. Then find FileSynced code for Cameringo. You can create your own FileSynced store if you are unable to find public FileSynced Store that has this application. FileSynced allows you to create your own TV store. You can use that TV store to install whatever the Android application you want.