Beginner’s Guide: How To Install Debian

Are you an expert in gadgets/devices and seeking for a better choice in your PC’s operating system? No worries! You can still install Debian for free all over the web! But careful, as it will not be as easy to do like the Ubuntu. In short, Ubuntu is indeed good for beginners and on the other hand, Debian is the best choice for experts as it provides more than a common and usual OS. What’s crazier is the Debian’s 59000 packages and utilities that make your computer system run smoothly, efficiently, and more stable than any OS.

In fact, Ubuntu and Mint are all derived from the famous Debian. Awesome, right? Debian is founded and established by the Debian Project that has a main objective to distribute new and upgraded operating system to all computers for only 0 dollars. This literally saves our life in the technological world!

Now are you excited to go through the world Debian? I’m sure you will get fascinated with what it can do in your PC starting with the enhanced loading rate and smooth flow (excellent for gaming).

Before we install Debian, let’s get everything prepared. Installing Debian comes in with just a few system requirements, which surely most of our PCs have. This includes 512 Megabytes RAM, 10 Gigabytes disk space, 1GHz processor and a DVD/USB as an installation media. If you are planning to install Debian using a USB flash drive, then you will have to use a bootable USB maker software to prepare your USB flash drive. For this task, there are a lot of free and open-source software available on the internet. For an example, there are tools like Etcher which allows you to do this task easily. You can get Etcher from their official website.

Are you now interested installing Debian in your PC? You’re in luck because when downloading Debian, it will also include systematize software that is already organized in one folder and in good format so you can install it in simple ways.

Ready to roll? Download the software in the main website- and select which package is compatible with your PC’s characteristics and can meet your needs as well. You can also see on the website some reminders and details about Debian and how utilize it correctly. After you download, get ready because it’s time install Debian!

First, restart your PC and boot up to the disk where you store your downloaded file. The main menu of Debian, with several options in installation, will appear if you correctly select the right medium in the first step. After booting up, the system will allow you to choose your preferred language and will make you specify which location you are in. Ensure that your PC is connected in a wireless network where you can access to internet. Set up all your domain name, account information and password. Then, it’s time to partition your disk. Choose the disk which you want to partition (it will erase all data in your disk). After you went through this partitioning, a summary of all your information and installing process will appear to your screen and if it is all set, proceed and confirm all the changes. Get to your nerves because the installation will now start!

Finally, start configuring your PC. Since you are already connected to the internet, download all the software needed. Just wait until finished. Have your coffee and enjoy Debian.