ACMarket vs F-Droid

Now that we are so hooked up with ACMarket, we all know that there are tons of fishes in the sea. And we want to make sure that we choose only the best among the rest! Aside from ACMarket, there are already a number of apps that functions similarly to it. One of those apps is the F-Droid. F-Droid is a free and open-source software, which means that it is available for everyone to make modifications to the app and improve it as we go along. In terms of functionality, F-Droid is similar to LuluBox.

To start off, let’s check the features of F-Droid. It is actually pretty similar to ACMarket, with improved security since they compile the packages themselves instead of letting the developer compile the package and upload it. Just like ACMarket, F-Droid also has no ads which is somehow irritating these days especially when it is a free app, in return you get bombed with all those ads here and there. Another thing that is good with F-Droid is that it keeps the previous versions of the apps available even after the updates or the latest version of the app. There are people who do not really want a lot of change, or we might have been so used to how it was before that we wished we never ever hit that button to update. Well, looks like F-Droid’s on our side here!

Of course, with all the good, there are also some CONS regarding the F-Droid app. F-Droid app has lesser apps (applications) available on their marketplace. Another CON is that some of the apps available on the F-Droid marketplace do not have screenshots. We are used to taking a look first on the screenshot to see if we like the looks and feel the vibes of the app before we decide to download it but with F-Droid, maybe you need to install it first to test the waters. I might have forgotten to include this earlier but ACMarket has 20+ languages and counting meanwhile F-Droid is only available in English. Lucky us! ACMarket may have reigned as one of the best alternatives for Google play store, but unfortunately, F-Droid is not an alternative (just yet) for Google play store. There are still lots of useful apps that can not be found on the F-Droid marketplace which makes it not an alternative as of the moment.

So, have you come to a conclusion? If you are still undecided, a marketplace should be a marketplace. Think about it, if you need an app, where would you most likely get it? For me, I will be getting it at ACMarket!